This page was created in 2000 and hasn't been updated since then; I have dusted it off and brought it back to my site just because it was fun to make, and it's fun to remember "pages gone by." Enjoy! :-)


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Hail and Welcome
This is the place I indulge my love for myth, fantasy, etc. The kid in me is still enchanted by faeries and dragons and unicorns (oh my!) and others like them, while the adult me is fascinated by the real history of Arthurian legend, the medieval romance genre, and medieval literature in general. Lots more will show up here eventually, so please bookmark this page and come again soon! ;-)

Things medieval...

  • Medieval Literature
    An outline of the major works and when they happened...
  • Medieval Romance
    Just what is medieval romance? This page will tell you a little about it...
  • Arthurian Legend
    I'm fascinated by the legends. This page is dedicated to my fascination...

Things fantasy...

  • A Faery Forest
    **Warning! Graphic intense!** My page dedicated to the magickal, whimsical faery...

This site was born on January 12, 2000

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